Delilah month 4

Hello everyone!

So month 4 of Delilah brings us a mixture of curves and straight line sewing. Due to my own restrictions on sewing time at the machine and the fact these curved pieces were quite small, I chose to try hand piecing for the first time ever!

This is a quarter block I pieced on the train as I’m away on holiday this week.

Thank you to everyone in the group and those followers on IG who gave me loads of advice. I’ve never been keen on hand sewing as I’m so slow but I actually grew to love how precise I could be with it, my OCD for neatness tested again!

I preferred a method of running stitch for 4 stitches then going back over the last to secure it before carrying on. I tried back stitching all the way but it didn’t come out so neat for me.

I actually think this block is a good one for hand sewing, as I found it great for moving the last seams out of the way when it came to adding the low volume corner pieces.

Speaking of which take care when making your fabric choices and cutting. For the points of the star you have to cut 8 then 8 in reverse. What you actually need I think, to get the star points to stand out, is 4 then 4 in reverse using bright/bold patterns, then 4 and 4 in reverse using lighter patterned fabrics with the triangle corner pieces being a mixture of your background fabrics. I think if you look at my picture I didn’t really get the inner fabrics right, I’m not happy with those reds.

Remember to cut pieces with the curve on the bias as it does help match the pieces up easier.

If you chose to get our fabric selection with your templates here’s what’s arriving this month!

Although I’m away I’ll be back to help with any questions you may have by Sunday.

Happy stitching, Lisa

Low Volume Stash Club – April

This month we’ve a great little selection of low volume fabrics in our monthly stash club. Offering a fab range of fabrics at a great price.

Heading on its way to our lovely stash club members we have a fat quarter each of:

Bumbleberries in Off White, Colour Dash Chunky in Silver, Apple Cider 14 Bubbles in Cream, Urban Scandinavian Silver Stripe and Desert Bloom Ivory Spring.

You can join our low volume club at any time if you are tempted to build up your stash of low volumes.

Happy Sewing for now…

Lisa & Justine x

Monthly Clubs News

A round up of our most recently Fabric clubs that have been landing with our lovely customers this week.

First up our Low Volume Stash Club received this bundle of 5 fantastic prints to add to the collection:


All the information and inspiration can be found on the Low Volume Stash page.

Next up we had the very first bundle of our Bloggers Choice and this month saw Karen Lewis of Blueberry Park put together this beautiful range:


A great selections of Handcrafted, Carkai, Cotton & Steel, Wanderer along with some AGF blenders and not forgetting the lady herself with a couple of Blueberry Park designs.

If you don’t want to miss out on month 2 make sure you check out the information and sign up here at Bloggers Choice club.

The last few spots on our Sew Solids Stash club received their orange bundle:


This club is now closed to new sign ups, but of course we couldn’t just let the Kona Solids fade away. Absolutely not, if you have missed the news then where have you been?


We have launched the Kona 303 Stash Club. Yes that’s right you will receive all the Kona colours in either Fat Quarters or Fat Eighths.

2016-02-20 07.56.00

For full information on what goodies you can expect to receive then head over to the 303 page, you still have time to sign up for the first month.

Wishing you a happy sewing weekend…