Delilah month 4

Hello everyone!

So month 4 of Delilah brings us a mixture of curves and straight line sewing. Due to my own restrictions on sewing time at the machine and the fact these curved pieces were quite small, I chose to try hand piecing for the first time ever!

This is a quarter block I pieced on the train as I’m away on holiday this week.

Thank you to everyone in the group and those followers on IG who gave me loads of advice. I’ve never been keen on hand sewing as I’m so slow but I actually grew to love how precise I could be with it, my OCD for neatness tested again!

I preferred a method of running stitch for 4 stitches then going back over the last to secure it before carrying on. I tried back stitching all the way but it didn’t come out so neat for me.

I actually think this block is a good one for hand sewing, as I found it great for moving the last seams out of the way when it came to adding the low volume corner pieces.

Speaking of which take care when making your fabric choices and cutting. For the points of the star you have to cut 8 then 8 in reverse. What you actually need I think, to get the star points to stand out, is 4 then 4 in reverse using bright/bold patterns, then 4 and 4 in reverse using lighter patterned fabrics with the triangle corner pieces being a mixture of your background fabrics. I think if you look at my picture I didn’t really get the inner fabrics right, I’m not happy with those reds.

Remember to cut pieces with the curve on the bias as it does help match the pieces up easier.

If you chose to get our fabric selection with your templates here’s what’s arriving this month!

Although I’m away I’ll be back to help with any questions you may have by Sunday.

Happy stitching, Lisa

Delilah – Month 2

Welcome to the second month of our Jen Kingwell Delilah BOM and we’ve curves and mitred corners ahead. Let’s not worry about that for the minute.

How did you find the drunkard paths? We’ve seen some really great pictures, here’s just a few from our group:

So onto this month, and here is our fabric selection we’re using and that should now be with those of you that opted for fabric.

Please READ the cutting instructions before you dive in. All I will say is bias will be your friend.

Jen’s instructions for pinning worked for me on the curves. I’m not a fan of pinning but it can help with curves. Some of you may find more pins to secure those bias edges will help.

Once you’ve pieced the four curved blocks we’ll be adding the border and the challenges just keep on coming. Next up is mitred corners. Honestly I had to have a couple of goes at these borders. I managed the mitred corners ok following Jens instructions and those dots. However I kept losing my points on the centre triangles and had a bit of a wavy edge.

Here’s my effort before a little unpicking, resewing and pressing solved that!

Good luck and remember to please do share them on our Facebook page or on our Instagram feed where you can find us as @SimplySolids

We’ll be using #simplysolidsdelilah so please use this one as well as all the other Delilah tags so we can all see each others in our gang.

Delilah – Month 1

We are so excited to be the only UK quilt shop offering Jen Kingwell’s new monthly club, Delilah! Our club is now fully subscribed, yay!

Here you can see some of Jen’s own blocks and how beautiful they look in her gorgeous scrappy style. We are also planning on using black, grey’s and white’s for our background fabrics and an eclectic mix of fabrics from our current stock to make our own Simply Solids version of Delilah!

Here you can see our chosen fabrics for month one!

The background fabrics are sent as fat eighth’s and the rest are all fat sixteenths. You get at least 1m of fabric sent each month, often more.

Here is our version of Block 1

We have machine pieced our version of month one and plan on doing a combination of machine and hand stitching as the months progress. The only tricky part I found making this block was sewing the curves, just a couple didn’t match up correctly when I came to put the block together, so I re-did them.

I found Jen’s instructions really easy to follow and I loved choosing my fabrics for each element of the block. You need to make 2 of this block, I’ll be making another one in a couple of months when I have more fabrics to select from. We’re choosing each months fabric selection as we go, this means we can get some of our new arrivals in the mix, I know some stores have selected the whole years fabric up front!

If you plan on hand stitching your blocks here is a fabulous tutorial from Lucy to give you some tips and get you off to a great start.

We’re really looking forward to seeing all your blocks so please do share them on our Facebook page or on our Instagram feed where you can find us as @SimplySolids