Delilah- Month 6

Hi everyone!

Lisa here with a round up of our Month 6 for Delilah and yes we are playing catch up! A little with the blocks but more with writing the posts for you all.

Block six threw in those tricky Y seams. Jen’s instructions tell you to stop 1/4′ from the end of your seam, to allow the fabric to pivot easily when you come to sew the Y seam. You can see from my picture that to be honest, my first attempt here still looks a bit wonky, so more practice required!

I have however find another tutorial by Kaye Wood you Tube Video from 2009 and she starts by breaking the rules, so you know I’m going to love that!  I must admit I wasn’t perfect at this either, so it is definitely a case of find a style you like and practice. Or maybe I am just a bit rubbish at Y seams !

We’ve seen some great blocks popping up in our social media feeds and it’s great to see some many different versions. I could clearly do with taking a lesson from you all to perfect this block!

Blocks here from our BOM members @Suespatch12, @Julesjerry_s and @slk217, stolen from Instagram. We’re using all the #Delilah tags as well as #simplysolidsdelilah to find our stash club sewers so don’t forget to tag us.

Great work, see you soon for our round up of the next few blocks.

Lisa x



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