Delilah BOM – Month 9

Hello everyone, Justine here with my round up of month 9!

Yikes is all I can say, those are some tight curves and they have been a steep learning curve for me!

I initially tried to machine piece them and failed miserably! My first block is a combo of hand and machine piecing and though I’ve not unpicked it, it’s not very good!

As you can see the centre’s don’yt match and the outside edge is a tad wavy. As there are 9 of these blocks this month I’ll save the unpicking until the end!

I decided from here on in to hand sew this block fully. Here’s how I used the templates to get the lovely curves.

Since this post I now add all the sewing lines onto my fabric as I’m cutting them out, it’s just easier and faster. I was going to part machine and part hand sew at this point still but in all honestly I have found it quicker to hand sew it!

Don’t forget you need to cut that middle curve piece with the bottom curve on the bias, otherwise it won’t all fit together properly, it definitely needs the stretch!

As you can see my blocks are getting progressively better! I’ve got a few more in various stages of construction and I’ll add them into this post asap!

If you subscribed to our fabric bundle here’s this month’s selection

And finally I’ve found just a few of your month 9 makes on IG so well done Sam and Sue for keeping up!

Lisa will be back soon with Month 10!


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