Vignette by Aneela Hoey

We were so excited when our favourite British designer Aneela Hoey announced that she was now designing fabrics for Cloud 9 Fabrics! Aneela produced some gorgeous whimsical fabrics during her time at Moda but her new collections with Cloud 9 feel somewhat more grown up and yet they retain a certain element of whimsy to them.

Vignette_CollageWe chose these 6 beautiful fabrics from the collection of organic quilting cottons and we also got the bottom right fabric in double gauze, perfect for dressmaking!

We had the lovely Hadley make us up some sample purses for the shop so we could highlight just how gorgeous these prints really are!

cateyevignetteThe pattern is called the Cat Eye Pouch and is a free tutorial on the lovley Sherri’s website! You should really check out Sherri’s tutorial’s as they are so well written and there are so many to choose from too!

If you’d like to get your hands on some lovely Vignette please feel free to use discount code: Whimsy and get 15% off your purchase of Vignette. Discount code valid until the end of the month (Feb 2016)

Patterns Galore!

We’ve finally managed to get all the patterns we stock in our bricks and mortar in Huddersfield onto the website this weekend!

We’ve got quite a little collection going now from a range of independent designers and we stock everything from embroidery patterns to dressmaking and bag making patterns!

supertote1 1geranium 244x380 500x500 254x380

The images above represent just a small selection of what we currently stock, please click here for the full range.

We have plenty more patterns arriving over the coming weeks from a whole host of designers, we hope you’ll agree with us that stocking an amazing range of patterns is an exciting development here at Simply Solids!!

Interwoven Quilt Tutorial

Today on the blog we have an amazing quilt tutorial from a new member of the Simply Solids blogging team, the very lovely Nicky who blogs at MrsSewandSow. I can’t begin to tell you how much Lisa and I love the quilt Nicky has made us from the very gorgeous ‘Maker’ collection, new from Art Gallery Fabrics and in stock now over in the shop!
Over to Nicky…………..

This is my first time making for the Simply Solids blogging team; I hope you like the quilt I’ve designed.  I was lucky enough to be offered the gorgeous Maker line (from Art Gallery Fabrics) to create this geometric quilt which, depending on your fabric choice, would also suit the men in your family.

The quilt uses one block called Interwoven Puzzle, found in an old patchwork book (written by Maggie Malone) and enlarged to be a giant (64″ square) block.  I am calling it Interwoven as I love the effect of woven strips which is, after all, how our fabric is made in the first place.



You will need:

1.5m of I’m a Maker (text) – this is the main background fabric

25cm of Make & Pin (pin) and Make & Cut (scissors)

0.5m each of: 
Make Patterns  (sewing patterns) 
Make it, Hang it (mustard hangers)
Make Embroidery Pretty (pink)
Make Room when Foggy (grey)

1m of Make Patches Shabby (patches)   – including 0.5
m for binding

2m of  extra wide backing fabric (108″wide) Colour Names in Black by Windham Fabrics1.75m of wadding

Important information

  • All seams are 1/4″ unless otherwise stated.
  • Press seams as you go (open or to the side, as preferred)
  • Please read through the pattern before starting. 
  • It is assumed, when making the HST blocks, that all directional background fabrics are placed face up and with the text/direction running from left to right; this will make it easier to ensure the fabrics are correctly oriented.


From I’m a Maker, cut eight 8½” squares and sixteen 9″ squares. 

From Make & Pin, cut four 8½” squares and one 9″ square.  Repeat with Make & Cut. From Make Patterns, cut eight 8½” squares and two 9″ squares.

From Make it, Hang it, cut five 9″ squares.  Repeat with Make Embroidery PrettyMake Room when Foggy, and Make Patches Shabby.

Set aside all 8½” squares until it’s time to arrange the blocks and assemble the quilt top.Using Directional Patterned Fabrics
Many of the fabrics in this line are directional; this is most easily seen in the I’m a Maker text fabric: 


When making this quilt, I ensured that the words are all aligned the same way: horizontally.

The Make & CutMake Embroidery Pretty and Make it, Hang it print also have direction but can be turned round 180 degrees and still look the same.  Here I have made a collage turning the fabric around by 90 degrees each time and you can see that the print works in all four directions:

The Make Patterns also works this way but some writing is at right angles so it is a bit more cutting friendly.
The Make & Pin, the Make Room when Foggy and the Make Patches Shabby are scatter prints so work anyway up!

It’s not hard to make a quilt with these fabrics and using directional fabric can create great effects, it just needs a bit of extra care before stitching and, most importantly, cutting.  I have included photos throughout to make it easier to follow.

TIP 1:

If there are two directional prints in the same HST block and you want to have all the lines going in the same direction, e.g. horizontal, then place your squares with the lines at right angles to each other as this mosaic shows:


On the other hand, if you want the pattern lines to be perpendicular to each other then match up the pattern lines: 

Making the HST blocks

TIP 2:

When I make HST blocks from two squares, I often press (with an iron) one along the diagonal to use as my centre line and stitch quarter inch either side of it.  With the directional fabric, I found it also helped to check my fabrics were going to be oriented correctly.  The top fabric is just  folded over and compared to my diagram before stitching and again before cutting as it’s much easier to get rid of a pressing crease than to unpick blocks or re-cut fabric!  Please keep referring back to diagram 1 to see whether the fabrics are in the correct alignment – feel free to do something different but always be consistent.

In the following steps, the HST blocks are made by pairing a 9″ background square with a 9″ feature print square, sewing a quarter inch seam either side of the diagonal line and then cutting them apart.  Please pay close attention to ensure the diagonal line runs in the correct direction!  (Refer to diagram 1 if you are unsure of the correct orientation.) 

Making HST blocks (from 9″ squares) where the diagonal runs from top left to bottom right:
Step 1:
Pair one square each of Make it, Hang it and Make & Pin and stitch to create two HST blocks, as shown below:

Step 2:
Repeat step 1 with one square each of Make Patterns and Make Room when Foggy, creating two HST blocks. 
Step 3:
Repeat step 1 with three squares each of I’m a Maker and Make It, Hang It (creating six HST blocks), ensuring that the directional fabric is oriented as shown below:

Step 4:
Repeat step 1 with three squares each of I’m a Maker and Make Room when Foggy, again paying close attention to the directional fabric.  (The direction should be the same as in step 3.)

Step 5:
Take one square of Make It, Hang It and cut in half diagonally from top left to bottom right to create two triangles.  Repeat with one square of Make room when Foggy, and two squares of I’m a Maker.  Ensure that the I’m a Maker fabric is oriented horizontally.

Step 6:
Using the eight triangles created in step 5, create the blocks shown below, remembering to pay attention to the directional fabric and taking care not to stretch the bias edges.  

Making HST blocks (from 9″ squares) where the diagonal runs from top right to bottom left:

Step 1:
Pair one square each of Make & Cut and Make Patches Shabby and stitch to create two HST blocks, as shown below:

Step 2:

Repeat Step 1 with one square each of Make Patterns and Make Embroidery Pretty.

Step 3:

Repeat step 1 with three squares each of I’m a Maker and Make Embroidery Pretty, ensuring that the resulting blocks are as shown below.  This block has two directional fabrics, please see tip 1 for details of how to correctly align the fabrics.


Step 4:
Repeat step 1 with three squares each of I’m a Maker and Make Patches Shabby.  (The directional fabric should be the same as in step 3.)  

Step 5:
Take one each square of Make Embroidery Pretty and Make Patches Shabby, and two squares of I’m a Maker and cut in half diagonally from top right to bottom left, ensuring that both directional fabrics are oriented horizontally (as in step 3).

Step 6:
Using the eight triangles created in step 5, create the blocks shown below, remembering to pay attention to the directional fabric and taking care not to stretch the bias edges. 

Step 7:Carefully trim all HST blocks to 8½” square.  Use a suitably-sized square ruler to ensure the seam line is aligned with the diagonal line before trimming. 

You should now have forty HST blocks and twenty-four squares, all 8½” square.Assembling the quilt top

Step 1:
Place the blocks in the correct position and, referring to diagram 1, carefully check each unit’s orientation.
Step 2:
Stitch the blocks into rows and then stitch the rows together.
Step 3:
Layer with wadding and backing fabric.  My wadding can be stitched 6″ apart and, along with the extra wide (108″) backing fabric Colour Names in Black, is available at Simply Solids. 
Step 4:
Quilt as desired.  I quilted in the ditch to stabilise the layers before stitching diagonal lines following the block design.  This adds to the interwoven feel but does result in more threads to finish off!
 Step 5:
Trim the quilt.  Cut 2½” strips from Make Patches Shabby fabric and join together in one continuous length.  Fold in half lengthwise and press.  Attach binding as desired and finish.

Here is a photo of my finished quilt

And here is a solids version, not quite finished yet…