Delilah BOM – Month 9

Hello everyone, Justine here with my round up of month 9!

Yikes is all I can say, those are some tight curves and they have been a steep learning curve for me!

I initially tried to machine piece them and failed miserably! My first block is a combo of hand and machine piecing and though I’ve not unpicked it, it’s not very good!

As you can see the centre’s don’yt match and the outside edge is a tad wavy. As there are 9 of these blocks this month I’ll save the unpicking until the end!

I decided from here on in to hand sew this block fully. Here’s how I used the templates to get the lovely curves.

Since this post I now add all the sewing lines onto my fabric as I’m cutting them out, it’s just easier and faster. I was going to part machine and part hand sew at this point still but in all honestly I have found it quicker to hand sew it!

Don’t forget you need to cut that middle curve piece with the bottom curve on the bias, otherwise it won’t all fit together properly, it definitely needs the stretch!

As you can see my blocks are getting progressively better! I’ve got a few more in various stages of construction and I’ll add them into this post asap!

If you subscribed to our fabric bundle here’s this month’s selection

And finally I’ve found just a few of your month 9 makes on IG so well done Sam and Sue for keeping up!

Lisa will be back soon with Month 10!

Delilah – Month 8

Hello Lisa here, welcome to the month 8 round up of our Delilah BOM club. The Coloured Turbine block gives us a little break from curves and Y- seams, yippee.

This block turned out so easy I promptly cut out the remaining 3 blocks and sewed up a storm to finish off the month.

I love how by just changing up the fabrics on the triangles from grey to white, you know the ones around the centre square, totally shifted the look. I also managed to really go all out with the colour,  my aversion to random has really taken a back seat with this quilt!

Also loving how much fabric we now have left in the box to choose from, so if you were part of the full fabric club you will see how you can really mix it up now we’re well on the way with this quilt top.

Once again we’ve some stunners shared on Instagram from our club BOM’ers,  Heres Jules @juleskerry with this fabulous stripy block.

Sam @slk217_  with this amazing low volume version, and look at the cute fussy cutting too.

So nothing too difficult in this month, a nice easy month and maybe catching up a little on previous months if you’ve some still to make up.

Remember the has tags #simplysolidsdelilah

See you soon with Block 9 from Justine.


Delilah – Month 7

Hello Delilah BOM’ers!

Justine here with a look at Month 7 of this fabulous BOM, the 4 patch star.

This block has some tricky Y seams so I decided to hand piece it. I was pretty daunted by starting it if I’m totally honest, even though I have done lots of English Paper Piecing, I have never really hand pieced a quilt block.

Under the guidance of the very helpful Sam, a real life friend and customer of our shop in Slaithwaite, I made a start. Guess what? I loved it, the block came together super fast and had perfect points – a win win!

I have found a blog post written by Lucy (Charm About You) on hand piecing to be a really useful resource, see it here.

As this block is all straight lines it came together super fast which encouraged me to to crack on with the remaining blocks, I currently have 3 of the 4 blocks sewn up.

You guys have been sewing up a Delilah storm, Lisa and I can’t believe how quickly some of you whip up these blocks! Here are a few we’ve lifted from our #simplysolidsdelilah hashtag over on Instagram. I hope those of you who have IG do share your blocks using the hashtags for the quilt:

#simplysolidsdelilah    #delilahquilt    #jenkingwelldesigns

How fabulous are these 4 blocks above by Sue? @suespatch12

And look at this one from Sam @slk217_

And finally @juleskerry_s is making her Delilah out of Jen Kingwell’s Gardenvale collection, it’s going to be a beauty!

Watch out for months 8 and 9 blog posts next week and then we’ll be back on track! If you have any other resources you use for hand piecing please leave us a comment below.