Delilah – Month 5

Hello it’s Justine here and welcome to Month 5 of the Delilah template club!

This month’s block is a really lovely one and quite simple really after the curves in month 4!However me being me, I really struggled with the instructions on this one!

The instructions for template number T19 say to cut out four and then four in reverse of two fabrics, I read that to mean cut two right side and two reverse in each of two fabrics. This is what I got:

I was totally confused and couldn’t work out what had happened. I messaged Lisa photo’s and she couldn’t work it out either, so I tried again and the same thing happened.

At this point I was really annoyed as I knew it would be something simple, so I got my hubby in to try and help me! He’s a joiner so maths and shape are really easy for him, guess what, he knew what I’d done without reading the instructions!

Basically I’d interpreted the instructions incorrectly. Here’s what I should have done, cut 4 right side in one fabric and four in reverse from the second fabric – simple right??!!

Here’s the third of the five required blocks for this month:

I’ll be making blocks four and five when we get more fabric into the box!

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m really loving this club, it’s challenging and enjoyable all at the same time. There are some amazing blocks on our instagram hashtag #simplysolidsdelilah

Thank you all for sharing!

Delilah month 4

Hello everyone!

So month 4 of Delilah brings us a mixture of curves and straight line sewing. Due to my own restrictions on sewing time at the machine and the fact these curved pieces were quite small, I chose to try hand piecing for the first time ever!

This is a quarter block I pieced on the train as I’m away on holiday this week.

Thank you to everyone in the group and those followers on IG who gave me loads of advice. I’ve never been keen on hand sewing as I’m so slow but I actually grew to love how precise I could be with it, my OCD for neatness tested again!

I preferred a method of running stitch for 4 stitches then going back over the last to secure it before carrying on. I tried back stitching all the way but it didn’t come out so neat for me.

I actually think this block is a good one for hand sewing, as I found it great for moving the last seams out of the way when it came to adding the low volume corner pieces.

Speaking of which take care when making your fabric choices and cutting. For the points of the star you have to cut 8 then 8 in reverse. What you actually need I think, to get the star points to stand out, is 4 then 4 in reverse using bright/bold patterns, then 4 and 4 in reverse using lighter patterned fabrics with the triangle corner pieces being a mixture of your background fabrics. I think if you look at my picture I didn’t really get the inner fabrics right, I’m not happy with those reds.

Remember to cut pieces with the curve on the bias as it does help match the pieces up easier.

If you chose to get our fabric selection with your templates here’s what’s arriving this month!

Although I’m away I’ll be back to help with any questions you may have by Sunday.

Happy stitching, Lisa

Delilah Month 3

I can’t believe we’re at month 3 of our Delilah programme already can you?

It was Justine’s turn this month to make the block, what do you think?

We love choosing the fabrics to go into each block, the whole process is just so much fun.

This block is simple enough to make with nothing too taxing, however we do recommend pinning at the seams when assembling each segment so that everything lines up correctly in the final block! The most time consuming part was the choosing of the fabrics and cutting of the templates, once we’d done that the block sewed up quickly.

If you’re getting fabrics from us too here’s what you can expect:

As always please just use any of the fabrics we’ve sent so far to get a real scrappy feel to your Delilah!