Triangle Baby Quilt

Today’s tutorial is brought to you by Julie of Mack and Mabel fame! We adore this baby quilt, it’s had so much attention in our Huddersfield shop since it arrived with us last week! Look out for a special offer at the end of the post!

Triangle Baby Quilt


 When Justine asked me for another blog project, I knew exactly what I wanted to make. I love the modern look of triangle quilts and the new Linea Tonal fabrics by Makower UK were perfect for this.

I have made a triangle quilt in the past, and I have to be honest, my points weren’t all that I’d hoped they’d be! This time round I used a few tricks that meant everything went together quickly and easily. This is a quilt that you can make in a weekend!

I chose 5 Linea colours: Teal, Yellow, Charcoal, Grey and Cream


To make this quilt you will need to download the PDF with the full size templates here:

It gives you all the fabric requirements and cutting instructions as well as a layout diagram.

I lightly spritzed my fabrics with starch to reduce any stretch on the bias edges – Best Press is ideal for this.

Print off the templates and use them to cut out your fabric triangles. Always place your quilting ruler over the template and use it as a straight edge for rotary cutting. Be careful not to shave any of the seam allowance off the template.


The next step might seem a bit of a pain, but I think it really made a difference to how my points turned out.

With a needle, I made a hole on the paper templates at the 3 seam intersections. The hole needs to be large enough to get a fabric marking pen through. I used a Frixion Pen. I then marked the 3 intersection points on the back of each triangle. It took me about 20 minutes to mark them all, and I consider it time well spent as I didn’t have to resort to my seam ripper later on!


Then you simply pin two triangles together lining up the dots.


Use the layout diagram included in the pattern if you want to follow my design exactly.

I think the technique worked!


I did not press my seams with an iron until I had finished the whole quilt top. I just finger pressed, again to avoid distortion. You need to press the seams on the first row to the right, on the second row to the left, third to the right, and so on so that when you join the rows they lie nice and flat.

When thinking about quilting this, I decided that the beauty of the quilt was in its simplicity and that should I should simply follow the lines of the triangles. I was very tempted to add more lines or just to straight line quilt it, but I’m pleased with how it turned out.


I used Architextures extra wide fabric for the backing and had plenty left over, so I used the remaining piece for the binding. I’ve never been able to that before. I love the effect!


You really could make this quilt in a weekend from start to finish!

If you make one, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

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New Sorbet Bundle + Quilt Now

******Giveaway now closed*********

By now I’m sure you’ve all seen and heard about the new quilting magazine on the block, Quilt Now.


There are many things to love about this magazine, the styling, the full size template sheet with every issue and the awesome contributors! The thing I love most though is that this gorgeous magazine has a theme each month, the first months theme is Sorbet.


To celebrate this awesome new magazine we decided here at HQ that we would offer a newly curated sorbet themed Fat Quarter bundle, exciting right? The bundle has been approved by Quilt Now editor Katy Jones, who many of you will know from her brilliant blog I’m a Ginger Monkey and her quilting programme Quilt Monkey on QNNtv.

So here’s our take on the Sorbet bundle


From the top we have Pearl Bracelets in Frosting, Sketch in Aqua, Cotton+Steel Dottie in Bluebird, Michael Miller Petal Pinwheels in Coral, Moda Tiny Dottie in White Grey & Moda Diagonal Stripe in Yellow

Lisa and I really hope you love this bundle as much as we do and you can be sure we’ll be curating a bundle to coordinate with each and every issue of Quilt Now!

So here’s the exciting bit – fancy winning a sorbet bundle and the 1st issue of Quilt Now? Well you can, right here!

Simply leave a comment below to enter and we’ll draw a winner using on the evening of Monday 4th August 2014. UK entrants only please. For extra entries please tweet or IG the giveaway and leave a separate comment for each method used.

#scraptastic challenge

Last month the lovely Sara won the #scraptastic challenge and said she would make some egg cosy’s just in time for Easter! Here’s her great tutorial.

An Easter Egg Cosy Tutorial

Hi – I’m Sara and blog over at

I was egg-cited when my idea was chosen for the Scraptastic Challenge, but also a little appre-hen-sive. My first attempt at a cosy didn’t work, but I couldn’t chicken out of the challenge and had to egg-periment to come up with the ideal pattern. (Right, I think that’s enough of the bad puns, it’s time to sew.)

You will need:

Thin card


4 pieces of background fabric, 3” x 4”

16-20 strips of main fabric in various colours, ~1” x 4”

Scrap of ribbon, 2-3” long

Disappearing marker (I used a heat sensitive marker)

Pinking shears

To make the pattern template:

Draw a 2” x 3” rectangle on the card and mark the midpoint on one of the 2” sides. Align the edge of the CD/DVD with the midpoint and along the side of the rectangle. Draw in the curve and repeat for the other side. Cut along the red lines as shown in the picture below to make the template.

To make the foundation blocks:

Align a colour strip with the left edge of the background piece. Align a second colour strip with the right edge of the first strip. Stitch to the background piece (I used a ¼” seam allowance, but you don’t have to be exact). Press the second strip open. Repeat this until the background fabric is covered. Depending on the size of your strips and your seam allowance, this will take 4 or 5 strips. Trim the excess fabric to the size of the background piece. Don’t worry if some of the background fabric is still visible at the edges of the pieces.

Using the disappearing marker, draw around the pattern template on to each foundation block. (I tried to use various angles when placing the template, but they ended up looking very similar.) Stitch ⅛” inside the marker line and then cut along the marker line. If using a heat sensitive marker, iron the pieces to remove any remaining marker lines.

To assemble the cosy:

Pin two pieces together with the backgrounds facing. Stitch along one of the curved edges using a ¼” seam. Repeat for the remaining two pieces. Trim the seam allowance close to the first line of stitching using pinking shears.

Place the two joined pieces together with backgrounds facing. Fold the ribbon in half and insert at the centre to form a loop. Starting at the centre and with the centre seams pushed out of the way, stitch the pieces together using a ¼” seam. Flip the piece over and repeat for the other side.

Trim the seam allowance close to the first line of stitching using pinking shears, taking care not to snip the ribbon. To finish, trim the lower edge of the cosy close to the line of stitching using pinking shears.

Wow! Those Egg cosy’s look great don’t they?

Don’t forget if you’d like to have a go at making something from a Kona Scrap pack, leave your ideas in a comment below and we will pick a winner each month. The winner receives a Kona Scrap pack and a guest spot here on the blog where you write a mini tutorial for your make!

Watch out for a super scraptastic challenge tutorial next month from a very special guest blogger!